High Level Features

MetaCaseDesk is an advanced IT helpdesk, ticketing tool, and case management system. It can be used on MetaOption cloud as well as on on-premise. It encapsulates a bundle of strong features, which make it a popular and reliable solution among the business organizations. Following are the snapshots of some of the key features:

Interactive, Informative & Customizable Dashboard for Analytics

The most remarkable feature of MetaCaseDesk is an advanced, top of the class informative dashboard. Like a home page, it is a one-stop platform for all your system’s management needs. It contains all the essential information tabs and tracking tools, which lets the user easily view & track the tickets, check user performance, view status & email logs, open & closed tickets, assign action against priority ticket, and do more very easily. The dashboard helps support teams to analyze their work, i.e. how many tickets are open, in progress, closed, tickets priority, etc.

As an Informative Dashboard, it displays high level statistical information in form of pie charts, bar charts, stacked bar chart, gauge charts, graph charts etc. It also contains SLA breach record information, etc.

It’s customizable. Being an introductory page, the dashboard also contains various customizable tools, which enables the user or admin to customize various features as per individual or enterprise needs.

Thus, MetaCaseDesk provides an enterprise solution as it inculcates all SharePoint offering in a user friendly manner. This functionality allows user to analyze ticket related data of entire system, support user on the basis of week, month, and year.

Supports Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013

A large number of top businesses from public and private sectors use the SharePoint environment. Most of these use SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013. MetaCaseDesk runs smoothly on both servers.

Syncs Office 365 SharePoint Online lists and libraries

Office 365 customers have an option to use it on MetaOption Cloud, and an optional sync component syncs the data back to their Office 365 SharePoint Online lists and libraries.

Multiple options for Intake of tickets

Support Web Portal
Customer Portal

Intake of New Tickets via E-Mails
This feature enables your helpdesk to intake new tickets directly through emails sent from any domain by your customers. So, they can create tickets from Outlook, Gmail, yahoo, etc. They can also do follow up via email. Your customer just needs to send a new mail mentioning the complaint or service request. After which, a new ticket will be generated automatically. Thus, this feature offers your customers, a new channel for recording complaints. This also saves your service desk operator’s time as, s/he doesn’t need to manually generate a new ticket for the complaint received via emails.

Also, the user can update information to the ticket, add remarks or comments, track ticket status and do more directly through a mail only. A notification mail is sent for every action taken in completing the ticket.

Multiple options for managing tickets

MetaCaseDesk provides three options for managing tickets, these are:

Web Support Portal,
Web Customer Portal, and

Web Support Portal is used by supporting staffs, Web Customer Portal is used by customers (or end users), and Email is used by both.

Support Web Portal

Using support web portal, support users can manage cases/tickets. They can assign ticket to another support user or to a group of support users. They can also create and manage customers, contacts, signatures, generate reports, view statistics, advanced search capability, etc.

Customer Web Portal

Using the secure and easy-to use customer web portal, customers can create ticket, track status, re-open ticket and follow-up for the previously created tickets. Also, it gives the user the ability to manage customers.

Response to ticket via email and other options

Quick Email Notifications & Control emails

If a ticket is created or modified, MetaCaseDesk generates email notification and sends it to the associated users. Additionally, it also allows the user to control email notification flow. That is, if you don’t want to send ticket notification to the user, you can control the same.

Automatic customer detection user email or domain

Our system detects the user on the basis of email domain name and automatically adds ticket in respective customer.

Secured Access to confidential data

MetaCaseDesk is built on SharePoint, which is one of the most secured platforms. Therefore, all the data and ticket information, along with E-mails, Passwords & more, entered on MetaCaseDesk are highly protected against all the potential external threats.

Business Enterprises from all over the world are migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, because of its advanced features and reliable security. The SharePoint platform packs many advanced security features, which are helpful for the users. Some of these include-

Secured Authentication Modes
Managed Accounts
Effective Permissions
Secured Store Service
Secured Migration
Secured file browsing
Control Access Permission level

There are many other innovative security features of Microsoft SharePoint, which together contribute in making MetaCaseDesk as one of the most secured ticketing systems.

The Admin enjoys various powers, including granting permission to access the dashboard of this system. Following which, only authenticated users can access this system. Users need to enter a password every time they want to reach the dashboard.

Groups, Roles and Permissions

MetaCaseDesk provides different roles and permissions as per the client requirements. Thus, you can create support users and specify permission like read only, read write admin. For end users, it provides customer role with read/write and admin permission. You can also create group of support users.

Multiple customers, contacts and user management

Our system can have multiple customers with different domain names and every customer can have contacts who can be further assigned with different roles and permission.

Multiple Authentication

In MetaCaseDesk, You can authenticate users using AD (Active Directory), Cross Domain Authentication and Office 365. For customer web portal, it provides you SQL authentication capability, 3rd party authentication capability.

Track Ticket Status

A dedicated ticket tracking bar has been provided on each and every page of this system. You just need to enter the ticket number on this bar, after which all the details related to the ticket will be available on your screen.

This tool is very helpful for making quick decisions and taking appropriate actions against any particular case/ticket, whenever required. The user doesn’t need to search the particular ticket manually in the View All sections. Thus, this not only saves your crucial time, but also improves your efficiency to take quick actions on any specific ticket, at the time of need.

Further, just to the right side of the bar, there is a drop down button which displays the last five added tickets. This button is also available on each and every page on the MetaCaseDesk.

Custom Fields, Ticket Configuration & Ticket Customization

MetaCaseDesk provides a feature to add additional custom fields as per client requirement. So, using custom fields, you can customize ticket, add multiple controls of different types (e.g., radio button, check box, single line text, multi-line text, drop down, multi-select dropdown, date picker control, etc.).

The MetaCaseDesk allows you to add or delete custom fields in the ticket format, which makes it suitable for all types of business organizations. Using this ticketing system, the user can add custom fields in the ticket, which is individually required by the business group. For example, a smartphone manufacturing industry would have different requirements of a case management system than that of a cellular service provider. Also, the format of complaint ticket, used for both organizations would be different.

Ticket Configuration
MetaCaseDesk allows you to configure ticket as per your requirements. So, you can set prefix, suffix, increment value, separator, etc. You can also enable, disable, prefix, and suffix.

Ticket Customization Options
There are various customization options, in the “Add Control” area. You can add the Control (field) Name and its type in this option. You can set various options for the control to be added, new custom field. The “Field Type” allows custom field type.


For each and every ticket, MetaCaseDesk maintains an audit log, in which it maintains Status log, and E-mail log. In order to view auditing of a ticket, you can use auditing functionality of MetaCaseDesk.

Assign and Re-assign ticket

MetaCaseDesk allows you to assign ticket to a support user or a group of support users. Further, you can also re-assign a ticket to another support user. Moreover, it also allows you to forward a ticket from one department to another.

Private Note

You can write private notes at ticket level. These notes are visible only to associated support user.

Easy to Integrate

MetaCaseDesk can be easily integrated with another SharePoint website. You can also integrate it with a 3rd Party tool, and here you can authenticate user using 3rd Party API authentication.

Advanced Filter Tool

MetaCaseDesk provides an Advanced Filter Tool, in the ‘View All’ section, which helps users to effectively filter all the tickets, as per the requirement. This tool allows filtering of tickets for various fields, including-

Ticket Status
Start Date
End Date
No. of Records

In addition, there is also a multiple filter option in the MetaCaseDesk. It allows you to view the details of all the tickets together, which are related to any specific input field like a date, status or priority.

Report Generation

MetaCaseDesk provides many quality report generation features. These features allow the support team to fetch important data in form of reports for analysis. These reports can also be exported into Excel file format.

SLA Configuration and Notifications

You can configure Service Level Agreement (SLA) as per your requirement, such as defining due date, priority, etc. Also, system sends email notification whenever SLA reaches 50%, 75% and 100%. Moreover, when SLA is violated, ticket gets escalated to next level.

SLA Configuration at customer level

Admin can define multiple SLA for tickets and can select specific SLA for the ticket, and accordingly ticket will be taken care by support user. If ticket is not closed in given SLA ticket will be considered as SLA breached ticket.

Admin tab

This tab confers various powers to the Administrator of the MetaCaseDesk. Various options present on the “Admin Tab”, will be visible only to the admin. Using this tab, the admin can add new users, delete them, change their accessing rights, view them and do more.

The options in the “Admin Tab” and their uses are-
Add User
This option allows you to add new users, who can access the dashboard of MetaCaseDesk.
Show User
This option displays the complete list of all the users added, and their accessing rights. The admin can modify their accessing rights from here only.
Configure Ticket No.
This option allows the user to configure the ticket number. So, user can change the format of ticket numbers as per their own wish.
Manage Custom Fields
This option allows the user to add new custom fields in the ticket.
All Signatures
This option displays all the added signatures.
Configure Signatures
This option allows the user to add or configure all the email signatures, added to this system. There various added tools will help you in formatting the signature text as well.

Cloud support

MetaCaseDesk uses secured Cloud storage for storing the ticketing database. So, you have to pay no SharePoint licensing costs, No new infrastructure requirements i.e. servers, Low cost for services.
In one of our MetaCaseDesk packages, we offer unlimited Cloud Storage allowing the user to store the entire important and confidential database safely.

The benefits of Cloud Storage are –

No Data Loss
Since your crucial ticketing database is stored on a secured Cloud, there are no chances of data corruption or data loss in any situation.
The Cloud Storage space is highly protected against all the external potential threats, which could harm the database. Also, the user needs to enter a password to access the data stored in the Cloud. Hence, your data will never be lost into unauthorized hands.
Advanced Back-up & Recovery
The data stored on the Cloud is protected with advanced backup and recovery tools. You can recover all your original files in the event of data loss. However, there are least chances of any data loss.
Since the entire ticketing database is stored on a Cloud, you can access it from any part of the world with a compatible device. Using this feature, the user can view/edit the submitted tickets from anywhere.
Low Cost Back-up
Data backup on the Cloud is cheaper than doing the same on external hard disks/drives or backup tapes. This helps you in reducing the capital investments of IT assets.
Cloud Storage is invisible, with no physical presence in your home or office. Hence, it won’t occupy space in your working area as well.
Sharing & Collaborations
The Cloud data can be easily shared or collaborated with other applications when required. This allows more than one user to view/edit the ticket. Also, one can easily track the recent changes, and the user who has made the changes.

Free training and 24*7 technical support

MetaCaseDesk is an easy-to-use tool, but it requires training to get maximum benefit from it. Businesses purchasing licenses of MetaCaseDesk are provided the proper training for using it. In addition, they also get round the clock support from our experts.