What do you mean by ticketing tool?
Ticketing tool is a set of integrated web based software designed to automate the IT support services. Tickets are generally referred to problems/incidents raised by customers to whom solutions are provided by relevant support team. Also, it is used to monitor various business activities done by a company internally. MetaCaseDesk is one such personalized, proactive and robust ticketing tool.

Why Should I opt for MetaCaseDesk ticketing tool?
What type of businesses can benefit from MetaCaseDesk?
I am interested in your MetaCaseDesk product. How do I get started with it?
Do you offer trial version of MetaCaseDesk?
I am using SharePoint 2010 to manage business requirement. How can I switch from current ticketing environment to MetaCaseDesk by retaining all important documents?
Can I set priorities according to my business need?
What if I accidently lose all my data?
What are the plans available for MetaCaseDesk ticketing tool?
What if I need to create extra instances?
Can I upgrade my services at any time?
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