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Knowledgebase: means to generate profit and handle impatient customers

The big revolution that the internet has brought with it has also greatly influenced the way of businesses and customers’ interaction. Though it has opened up numerous paths for businesses to turn a profit, it has also made customers autonomous and has proportionally increased their expectations too. The IT support department that is entrusted with… Read More »

Your Customers drive your Profitability

Research has proved the strong correlation between customer experience and loyalty. Businesses those get this concept are likely to maintain their customers and have them recommended to others too. Businesses that offer a high level of customer satisfaction will reap the benefits in terms of revenue and reputation. •  Customers will pay more The FORBES,… Read More »

A SharePoint Based Helpdesk and Ticketing Tool with Informative and Interactive Dashboard

MetaCaseDesk – a SharePoint-based ticketing tool, IT helpdesk, and case management system, makes it easy for businesses to handle internal and customer issues, by offering interactive dashboard to end user (or customer) and support team for analyzing the tickets. There is no dearth of solutions for managing business issues. But a business has to choose… Read More »