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4 great reasons for using IT Helpdesk software in your Business Enterprise

Modern day business have been radically transformed as compared to a few years back. Area of their functions are no longer confined to regional or national territories. Working in a multinational market is a common practice these days. Here the key question is- what made this? The only answer is technology or more precisely information… Read More »

8 bases to escalate your organizational productivity using SharePoint based IT Helpdesk

Any business organization is made for humans i.e. Customers, and made up of humans i.e. Employees. However, to sustain in the modern day business world, the business processes are being modernized by IT tools and techniques. This brings numerous benefits for the organizations, such as, scalability, universal accessibility and mobility among others. However, at the… Read More »

3 different ways to create and manage Helpdesk tickets in MetaCaseDesk – IT helpdesk software

Today, every enterprise is going away from their manual business management practices, and adopting automated software. That is, importance of information technology as a reliable assistance cannot be undermined. Numerous solutions have been developed to support many aspects of your business enterprise. Example of one such solution is IT Helpdesk, which usually acts as an… Read More »

Changing dimensions of an IT Helpdesk for modern day Businesses

Human society and especially corporate world has already travelled far in using the Information technology for boosting the efficiency of its business operations. But, at the same time, they are witnessing a new kind of challenges in surviving and excelling. This is because the recent developments, such as cloud computing, social cohesiveness at global yet… Read More »

An IT Helpdesk Accessible by Businesses Running on SharePoint and non-SharePoint Servers

If businesses have to select a ticketing solution for managing internal and customer issues, then they need to select it by looking at its overall functionalities. It should provide enough user-friendly functionalities to the end users (customers), and at the same time, it should offer quality-driven functionalities to the support team to make their work… Read More »

Why Businesses Running on SharePoint Environment Should Select MetaCaseDesk over other Helpdesk Solutions?

Hundreds of quality-driven, feature-rich and affordable ticketing solutions are available there in the markets across the world, which run on Microsoft SharePoint server, then why businesses should select MetaCaseDesk? Because! MetaCaseDesk is not just a ticketing solution; it is also an IT helpdesk, and case management system, which runs on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and… Read More »

MetaCaseDesk’s Knowledgebase Feature Helps Businesses to Handle Recurring Issues

At times, resolving business issues becomes a tedious task for the support team, because they are supposed to resolve the same issues repeatedly. More importantly, as these repeated issues keep the team busy, as a result, they are not able to work on other high priority issues. Now, let’s consider another a scenario- what if… Read More »

How does MetaCaseDesk Assist Businesses in Resolving Internal Issues?

Broadly, there are two types of issues which businesses face regularly, and these are internal and customer issues. Internal issues are faced by the employees while performing their job, and these are resolved by the internal support team. Customer issues, on the other hand, are faced by the customers; these are related to the products… Read More »