With MetaCaseDesk resolve the piling up customer cases in no time

By | November 9, 2016

You can’t go on using Outlook and Gmail inbox while handling customer cases. They do not perform centralized operation plus you can’t handle multiple accounts from a single mailbox. With all types of customer cases coming in continuously, you need software that customizes the arrangement of these cases in a manner they can be found easily and can be handled efficiently. You need software that can assign tickets to appropriate users and departments and help you sort through the unwieldy pile of tickets.

It’s no longer just IT companies those are in need of technical staff for dealing with customer queries and product issues. All the organizations with function of customer service i.e. local and national government, manufacturers, retailers, banks and telecoms providers, can benefit from case management help desk for tracking issues, delivering efficient discounts and better customer satisfaction.

Efficient call handling

Call centre agents are given access to entire customer history as they take the call. They can see their previous enquiries, track how similar issues have been addressed in the past, and get instant access to concerned articles and FAQs. As a result they can achieve faster call resolution, and also can resolve more issues by front-line support and IT support staff can focus on dealing with new or more complex issues.

Keeping track of performance

You can keep track of the number of calls your employees are handling, customers’ major concerns and the products causing most of these concerns.

Quicker customer assistance

You can quickly manage your cases, can get answers to all the customer questions, and help your customers faster than ever.

 Better decision making

With all the data acquired you can improve your support team, your products and make smart business decisions. Bringing all your data together, you can deliver an outstanding experience every time.

Self-service for customers

Your customers can find the answers to their queries by themselves by going through the knowledge base created and made available to them by you.

You can achieve everything mentioned here with MetaOption’s MetaCaseDesk ticketing and case management tool. With MetaCaseDesk, you can address customer cases on time, with ease and build better customer service. Thus get better control over customer management, improve case resolution performance, and better service all with one helpdesk solution, MetaCaseDesk.

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