Why do you need an IT Helpdesk or Ticketing system for your Business Enterprise?

By | February 21, 2017

What is called as a ticketing system?

A ticketing system is a software solution that is designed to automate the process of handling customer or end user queries regarding information and support related to your enterprise’s products and services.

Business Requirement?

There is a practical constraint faced by business organizations while handling customers.

Let’s ask you:

How many emails or phone calls a support user in you organization receive every day from customers or end users?

And, you know-

Even if they are very efficient, each mail will take not less than 5 min to read and write the return mail manually. So, on an average 10 queries an hour, and at max. 80 per day.

This is just a mailing process. The time spent on finding the right solution and deliver it appropriately is the actual task that they are required to perform.

Further, other modes via which customer issues come into the system are- voice phone calls or complaints posted on company’s portal.

So, it’s evident that you need a software system that can handle thousands of user issues automatically. And, that’s called as- Ticketing management system, Helpdesk or Case management system.

What this Ticketing System can do for your organization?

  • It generates tickets for the issues handling. These tickets are the brief descriptions of key points related to an issues, such as:
    •  Nature of the issue- whether hardware or software
    •  Origin of end users
    •  Business unit that the issue belongs
    •  Support user who will handle it
    •  Date and time when ticket was created by end user
    •  Data and time whenever ticket was modified by support user
    •  Date and time when ticket was finally closed.
    •  Others if any

•  It provides for the meaningful categorization of tickets according to the business unit that might handle these.    Such units may be Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Supply Chain etc.

•  A ticketing system is a kind of an email management tool as it takes emails from inbox and organized them according to the support users for better performance of the system.

•  It ensures that all end-user or event tickets are addressedwithout delay.

•  It helps identifying the repeatedly occurring issues. This way it indicates the lacunae in the system that is actually     causing these issues. This way, it implements the Quality Assurance, and make the organization growth oriented.

•  A helpdesk helps the organizations in managing the tasks to be handled by hundreds users. Thus, by eliminating the manual and redundant steps, it multiplies the efficiency of the system in a great way.

•  It ensures the accountability on the part of support users, as it generates the tickets specifying the date and time of creating, modifying, and closing.

• While immediately responding to any customer query, and communicating to the concerned support user, it enables your organization with capability to provide a round-the-clock support.

•  As it’s a repository of numerous customer issues with finer details, it builds a knowledgebase that could be referred in handling the issues coming in future. This way, it acts as a centralized information system.

This is just a glimpse of what a ticketing solution can do for your organization. To know more, please click here.

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