Why do we need a ticketing system? And what MetaCaseDesk offers?

By | December 21, 2016

The contemporary world is witnessing a great degree of transition. With the rapid pace in the technological progress contributing to the IT revolution, physical distances are diminishing very fast. The phenomenon of globalization is taking place with an unprecedented way. Knowledge and ideas are being exchanged across the borders effortlessly. In a truly international arena, the communication is entirely dependent on the state-of-the-art digital technologies as they overcome physical barriers. Thus, increasing dependence on digital technology has inspired the enterprises to adopt it for automating most of their business activities. To name a few, these are managing financials, logistics, customer relations or even compliant handling among others.

Here, in the era of enhanced customer awareness, the effective complaint handling has become a critical part of a professional modern day business practices. A well satisfied customer base is the greatest asset for any business organization. The happy customers spontaneously become spokespersons of an organization. By way of word-of-mouth, they contribute you in a far better manner than what a huge advertising campaign can do for the same.

But, handling the complaints and requests from numerous customers is indeed a great challenge before the businesses. Moreover, when your business keeps on growing in expanse and volume, there ought to be an increased customer base, as well as the increased complexity of the nature of the complaints. This requires for every business enterprise to have an efficient customer support management system installed in their workplace, which may help them to efficiently solve all the issues and service requests, raised by their customers.

At MetaOption, we observed such challenges faced by business enterprises, which led us to work on a specific software solution befitting such needs of the enterprises handling a number of customers on day-to-day basis. For that matter, our in-house expert SharePoint developers and technical engineers have developed one of the most advanced Microsoft SharePoint based ticketing solution, and named it as “MetaCaseDesk”.

Here, we are giving just a little highlight of the benefits that such an IT Helpdesk software can do:

  1. Speedier Complaint handling: By eliminating unwanted frictions and deadlocks due to manual assigning the customer handling, this solution leads to handling of thousands of customer complaints promptly.
  2. Centralized information system: An automatic ticketing system acts a common platform which manages the entire communication flow within the organization.
  3. In-built tracking and reporting metrics: When a ticket is raised by a customers, it runs in a life cycle until it is closed finally. Both end users and support users can track its status at any time. The duration between the time when ticket was created and the time when ticket was closed, acts as a metric for the performance measurement of the support users.
  4. Prioritizing workflow: The tasks of ticket resolution can be prioritized according to its importance. This way, it sets prioritizing organization’s workflow.
  5. Added transparency: As the complaints are handled automatically, and being resolved in a schematic manner, it’s easy for others to see how various tasks in the organization are being performed. Consequently, there is no scope of giving undue privilege to a specific customer. This, in turn, builds the reputation of the organization for ever in future.
  6. Improved collaboration: By ensuring the proper division of work among the support users in accordance to their special skills, the system creates a great collaborating work culture in the organization. Tis paves the way to an efficient and productive organization.

These are mere representative points, MetaCaseDesk as a help desk management system has much more to offer. To know more on this, please contact us.

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