Why Businesses Running on SharePoint Environment Should Select MetaCaseDesk over other Helpdesk Solutions?

By | June 7, 2016

Hundreds of quality-driven, feature-rich and affordable ticketing solutions are available there in the markets across the world, which run on Microsoft SharePoint server, then why businesses should select MetaCaseDesk?

Because! MetaCaseDesk is not just a ticketing solution; it is also an IT helpdesk, and case management system, which runs on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013. Businesses can use it to resolve their internal as well as customer issues. It consists of all the important features, which are required as a ticketing tool, plus, it offers many other advanced features which make it superior than other solutions. Let us have a glimpse of some of these features.

Cross AD authentication

Businesses acquiring a ticketing tool usually get a new set of login credentials. Here, they have to manage them with the existing set of login credentials of other services. Needless to say, managing multiple sets of login credentials is a big headache for businesses, as it consumes a great amount of time, money and hard work.

Now, if businesses acquire a MetaCaseDesk license, then they don’t have to face these problems, as it offers cross AD authentication, which allows them to use their existing login credentials for accessing it.

Manage tickets via Email

Usually, a ticketing tool allows end users (customers) to manage the tickets through the customer portal. But, MetaCaseDesk offers email along with customer portal to manage the tickets.

Easy to implement

Businesses don’t need to fulfill any special software or hardware requirements to install MetaCaseDesk on their servers. The entire implementation process is executed by the expert team of MetaCaseDesk. Once MetaCaseDesk is implemented, there is no requirement of additional developer’s work, infrastructures and servers.

Available with On-premise, Office 365 and Cloud options

Businesses running on SharePoint environment just have to install it on their servers, and start using it. Businesses running Office 365 can access it as well without any major installation process, as they can use their existing Office 365 login credentials for accessing it. Businesses not running on SharePoint environment don’t need to install it as they can choose the cloud based MetaCaseDesk, which requires no maintenance work on the part of users.

Knowledgebase and Recurring Ticket features

To manage the recurring tickets, it offers Knowledgebase and Recurring Ticket features. Knowledgebase feature provides the list of topics for the help of the end users, in which solutions of recurring issues are mentioned. Whereas, Recurring Ticket feature allows the support team to create the ticket template for solving the recurring issues, which are exclusively needed to be solved by them.

Multiple user roles

MetaCaseDesk offers multiple user roles to make ticket management process much easier for the businesses. These roles are end user, end user admin, support user (read-only), support user (read/write), and support user admin.

A few other major characteristics of MetaCaseDesk are:

• MetaCaseDesk can be integrated with other SharePoint websites and 3rd party tools.

• Using it, the support team can fetch important data in the form of reports for the purpose of analysis,   which can also be exported into XLSX (Excel) file format.

• The support team is allowed to set the priority of the tickets, if the tickets SLA (Service Level Agreement) is breached, then the support team gets the notification as well.
•  It offers ‘Email and Status Log’ section and interactive dashboard, which help the support team to track the complete details of any ticket and to analyze end users ticket respectively. The dashboard shows information analytically as well as graphically.

• MetaCaseDesk offers personal training along with user manual, and technical support from experts to solve critical issues, with its every license.

If you want to know more about it, then kindly chat with our consultants.

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