Tickets Auto-assigning to a Support User or Support Team of a Business Unit in MetaCaseDesk.

By | June 29, 2016

Every large organization is required to manage a large number of internal and customer issues on the daily basis. To make ticket management easier, and resolving time faster, they create business units, and assigns tickets to these units. But, they need a separate team for managing these units, assigning tickets to them, and getting tickets resolved by them. This is the same set of problems which businesses with multiple branches have to face.

A ticketing tool is definitely a solution for these problems. But, here, an important question is that, how well a ticketing tool deal with such kind of problems? Mostly, the answer depends on how well the solution fits into the requirement of the businesses. And, here, to name a ticketing solution which solved these problems comprehensively is MetaCaseDesk.

MetaCaseDesk offers functionalities for managing multiple business units, and a unit with multiple subunits as well. Moreover, it auto-assigns tickets to these units, on the basis of keywords used in the tickets’ subject or body, customers using businesses’ products or services, and email addresses of end users. Let us see the details.

How tickets are auto-assigned to a support user or support team of a business unit?

•  Keywords: When an end user raises tickets in MetaCaseDesk via email or customer portal. S/he creates a subject of that ticket, and mention issues in the body section. MetaCaseDesk detects the required keywords from the ticket subject or body, and auto-assigns the ticket to the business unit accordingly.
•  Customers: Every customer (business) who selects MetaCaseDesk is provided login credentials with a specific domain. MetaCaseDesk identifies these customers, and auto-assigns their tickets accordingly.
•   Senders’ email addresses: MetaCaseDesk receives tickets from the end users with their email addresses. It auto-assigns those tickets to a business unit on the basis of email addresses.

All these tickets are further assign to a support team or support user of a business unit.

MetaCaseDesk offers many other functionalities to make the ticket management a lot easier, which could help small as well as large businesses. Two of them for managing recurring issues are Knowledge Base and Recurring Ticket. The first one helps the end users and support team, and the other helps the support team.

To get more knowledge about these functionalities of MetaCaseDesk, or schedule a demo. Please send us a message.

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