The Secret to better E-mail Management

By | November 28, 2016

Is managing your emails becoming a nightmare to you?

Let us discuss two cases of missing Shirts.

Elena is looking for a nice shirt for Damon as a present online. She found one to her liking in one online store. She orders it- the store advertises 3 days of delivery and she expected it will arrive before his birthday.

Four days go by and the shirt is yet to be delivered. Now she got worried as there were not many days left for the D-day. She goes on the site and has a live chat with Tylor. After discussion Tylor promises to look into the matter and to arrange a one day rush delivery.

Another day goes by without any sign of a shirt. Now she gets furious and again opened a new live chat session. This time on the other end is Matt who knows nothing about the previous discussion. Controlling her anger she once again explained the whole situation to him. Matt apologized saying there were some issues with warehouse data and the item will soon be delivered to her. He also offered a discount on the next purchase.

But now the damage has already been done. Though Elena gifted the shirt to Damon and he wore it on his birthday but at the party she told several of her different friends about the online store and their shoddy services.

So just like that goes their hard earned reputation. Is there a way to avoid this mishap?

Let’s look at another scenario following the same situation.

As Tylor talked with Elena, he instantly creates a support ticket  for the shipping departed with details of the order and expected delivery date. He also sticks a note to it about one day rush delivery. The ticketing system instantaneously notifies the shipping department, that in return books the shipment and the order is thus immediately delivered.

The ticketing system also sends an email to Elena notifying her of the order status and shipment tracking link. In the end Elena is delighted to get a shirt delivered in time so that she can present it to Damon for his birthday celebration. She is impressed by the store’s service and is eager to buy more from the same store.

The differences in these two cases are quite clear, in first case store is left with an angry customer and lost sales on the other hand in later the store is left with a happy customer and increased sales. The other major difference is that in the later scenario the store is equipped with a good ticketing system that helped the concerned departments to serve the customer adequately.

Apart from assisting the delivery system, a good ticketing system also assists with other things in the background.

  • Keep records of all the previous chats and emails linked with a customer’s details, so that they can be referenced when another conversation is made with the same customer.
  • Assign priority and responsibilities to individual tickets.
  • Manage knowledgebase and frequently asked questions so that customers can refer to them when needed.
  • Keep track of distinct ticket status.

As it is said the secret passage to better sales goes through better customer services. Our product MetaCaseDesk enables you to provide way better customer services thus leading approach to customer satisfaction and increased sales. If you deploy MetaCaseDesk to manage your customer communications, you will never lose track of any conversation. It sits in the middle of your customer service infrastructure, providing interface with customers as well as other departments.

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