Ten Key Benefits of using MetaCaseDesk in Handling Business Issues

By | May 9, 2016

MetaCaseDesk – a SharePoint-based ticketing tool, IT helpdesk, and case management system, comes with many significant benefits. These benefits help businesses to resolve their internal and customer issues effortlessly. In this article, ten of these benefits are listed.

Businesses do a lot of research before selecting a solution which can manage their recurring issues. There are many reasons behind the research, like, these types of solution are generally expensive, it takes days to implement them, takes week(s) of training to learn them, and many more.

MetaCaseDesk is one of the solutions, which businesses can try to manage their internal and customer issues regularly. It is because, its plans are available in reasonable prices, and it comes with on-premise and cloud options, easy-to-use, and many more.

Here are ten major benefits of using MetaCaseDesk in handling business issues.

1. It offers two separate portals to end user (or customer) and support team for managing ticket. These   are customer portal and support portal. Moreover, end users can manage the ticket via email as well.

2. Its customer portal allows the end user to create, track, reopen and update the ticket. The customer   portal also offers ticket tracking feature on every web page to make tracking easier.

3. Its support portal comes with interactive dashboard, which shows the detailed statistics of the entire    ticket. The statistical information helps the support team to analyze their work, e.g. number of tickets  resolved in a day, number of tickets resolved by a particular support user, and many more.

4. It also offers the ‘Email and Status Log’ section on support portal, which helps support team to track    complete details of any ticket.

5. It provides report generation feature, which helps the support team to fetch important data in form of report for analysis. The report can be exported into XLSX (Excel) file format.

6. It offers multiple user roles for end user and support team, which make ticket management more organized. These roles are end user, end user admin, support user (read-only), support user (read/write), and support user admin.

7. It provides cross AD (active directory) authentication, which helps businesses to access it by using   their existing login credentials.

8. It is highly customizable, e.g. it allows businesses to manage the custom field, and any customization from the developer side is also possible.

9. It is a web-based solution. Therefore, it is a cross-platform solution, as it is accessible on all major    operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux, through popular web browsers.

10. Businesses get complete training along with user manual with every license of MetaCaseDesk. Plus, they also get technical support from experts.

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