Six unconventional facets of a ticketing solution for an organization

By | September 22, 2016

Conventionally, a ticketing solution is understood as a system that handles issues coming internally from employees or externally from customers of an organization. But, in practice, it plays multiple roles than merely being a incident handler. Here, we will restrict ourselves to its significance for the internal work culture. Just look at a glance:

 1.  Channel of intra-organizational communication:

Often, any issue raised by an employees may be related to other business units. Here, a ticketing solution perform the assignment of the ticket to the suitable support person. This way, it acts as channel of organizational communication inside the organization.

2.  Bridge between employees at different levels:

By connecting different employees belong to different units or unequal hierarchical levels, a ticketing solution acts as bridge between them and by-passing the conventional communication.

3. Knowledgebase and Training tool:

A ticketing solution usually develops repository of all the essential information related to the issues that it had handled. Thereby, it acts as a training tool for the new support users, as well as, the employees who created the tickets. Thus, in future, they can make use of it to solve the issues themselves.

4. Facilitator of smooth workflow:

As evidently, role of a ticketing solution is mediating in the issue resolution, it facilitates the smooth work flow within the organization, by removing the barriers in terms of unresolved issues.

5. Conflict resolver:

By assigning the tickets to the appropriate support users, a ticketing solution helps in resolving the conflicts, which could occur in determining who will do a particular task.

6. Productivity booster:

By eliminating the unnecessary frictions found in the work flow, it ensures a better   performance on the part of an employee. This way, it enhances the productivity of the entire organization.

Interestingly, being a means of corporate communication and a training tool is perhaps the unexplored dimensions of a ticketing solution, but it’s true. It has enormous potential to boost the organizational growth by pointing out the lacunae in the day-to-day business operations. At the same time, it’s a great learning system for employees, who can make themselves acknowledged and updated with not-yet-approached aspects of their work profile and also their ability to contribute the organization in several different manners. As an employee is the building block of an organization, and here, a knowledgeable employee lays the hard-to-break foundation to it, finally leading to an unprecedented growth trajectory for the organization.

Keeping all the objectives mentioned as above, MetaOption LLC, a New Jersey based IT company, has designed and developed the ticketing solution- with many others features encapsulated by this system have qualified it as employee-friendly as well as productivity booster for the organization.

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