Merits of Creating and Tracking Tickets in MetaCaseDesk via Customer Portal

By | April 7, 2016

MetaCaseDesk is a cloud-based solution, which is accessible on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013. It offers three services to businesses, namely, ticketing software, IT helpdesk software, and case management system. MetaCaseDesk ticketing service provides many outstanding features, which let businesses to handle simple as well as complex technical (related to hardware and software) issues regularly.

MetaCaseDesk ticketing service lets customers (or end users) to raise tickets, and support users to resolve those tickets. It allows customers to manage tickets through email and customer portal. Let’s talk more about its customer portal.

MetaCaseDesk customer portal is an online portal, which allows customers to manage tickets through web browser. It provides many effective features, such as ticket creation, ticket tracking, ticket modification, managing multiple tickets etc.

Here are some of the benefits of using MetaCaseDesk customer portal to track and create tickets.

•  MetaCaseDesk customer portal provides ticket tracking bar on every web page, which makes ticket  tracking a lot easier.

•  Its tracking feature lets customers to check the status of multiple tickets, which helps them to resolve the high priority tickets.

•  It lets customers to track many numbers of tickets at a time.

•  If same issue occurs again, then customers don’t need to create a new ticket as it allows them to reopen    the existing ticket.

•  It is accessible on all leading web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari,  Internet Explorer, and Opera. Moreover, customers can easily create and track tickets on all major devices, like desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone.

MetaCaseDesk customer portal provides another important feature, known as interactive dashboard. Customers can use this dashboard to see tickets detail in graphical form, which they can use for analysis.

As mentioned above, there is another way in MetaCaseDesk, which customers can use to resolve their technical issues, it is emailing. Emailing lets customers to manage tickets through emailing service. One of the benefits of using emailing is that, whatever changes are done by the support users on tickets, MetaCaseDesk automatically sends their details to customers. Businesses can use popular emailing services to manage tickets in MetaCaseDesk. Some of the emailing services are Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

MetaCaseDesk also offers support portal, which is used by support users to resolve customer ticket, assigning ticket to other users, knowledgebase etc.

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