Knowledgebase: means to generate profit and handle impatient customers

By | November 28, 2016

The big revolution that the internet has brought with it has also greatly influenced the way of businesses and customers’ interaction. Though it has opened up numerous paths for businesses to turn a profit, it has also made customers autonomous and has proportionally increased their expectations too.

The IT support department that is entrusted with resolving all the issues and complaints of the customers is operating at warp speed such that the issues can be resolved as soon as they generated. But still customers are growing more and more impatient and even less willing to wait in long lines or listen to business’ instrumental hold music. Instead major proportion of them prefers to tackle the problems themselves.

The knowledgebase provides faster, easier and convenient means for customers to solve their problems by themselves instead of focussing on complaining or waiting for the service providers to solve it for them. Apart from handling your customers for you it also functions as a brick in the structure of your growing business.

Optimizes Service Desk Resources

The knowledgebase reduces call volume and escalation rates of your support staff and accelerates resolution cycles while lowering your overall costs. With automate updates, knowledgebase keeps up with solutions to increasing issues thus saving your efforts to keep it updated.

Saves time and money

While well organized and attractive knowledgebase articles engage customers, and can easily and conveniently resolve topical issues, your support team can save their time, efforts and money.

Cut costs while retaining quality

It provides ability to offer 24X7 customer support without continuously paying employees through graveyard shifts. It also keeps your employees well informed on diverse and changing technology. It also helps in reducing long calls and resolution cycles thus providing quality services saving costs.

 Improve compliance and risk management

The automated knowledge management maintains the integrity of your database and you can more easily meet compliance standards. It also decreases the risks of staff turnover by harvesting and retaining critical knowledge even after concerning experts leave the organization.

An efficient helpdesk provides you with cooperating knowledgebase with all its other features. It isn’t only about businesses cutting costs or deflecting. It is also about putting the power back in customers’ hands with quick access to accurate information that is effectively filtered as per their queries. This alone can increase the customer experience multi-fold.

MetaCaseDesk is sharepoint based ticket and case management software that provides knowledgebase feature on its interface with step by step solution to frequently repeated and known issues. Topics in knowledgebase provided are well-organized and categorized with search field containing multiple filters that help end users to narrow down their search for best possible solution to their issues.

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