How is MetaCaseDesk a secured ticketing tool?

By | January 3, 2017

A ticketing tool is an interface between the organization and the users for handling the issues. These users are either external customers or internal employees. In both the cases, the information exchanged between the two entities are crucial not only for the issues at the hand, but also for the organization in the long-run. Thus, such a system can be considered as a repository of vital information, and thus it helps in sustenance and growth of the enterprise in future. Therefore, an enterprises should choose a helpdesk software carefully.

MetaCaseDesk is a SharePoint based ticketing solution, helpdesk and a case management system. MetaOption LLC has designed MetaCaseDesk with key security features.

Here, let’s discuss how it meets the criteria of security as desired by present day organization:

1. A SharePoint based system

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most trusted collaborative technology platforms, presently available in the world. It has made provisions for advanced security protocols. MetaCaseDesk utilizes SharePoint capabilities for enabling to access the confidential data only to authorized users. Therefore, all the data and ticket information, along with E-mails, Passwords & more, entered on MetaCaseDesk are highly protected against all the potential external threats.

2. Secured Cloud support

MetaCaseDesk uses secured Cloud storage for storing the ticketing database. In one of our MetaCaseDesk packages, we offer unlimited Cloud Storage allowing the user to store the entire important and confidential database safely.

This Cloud Storage space is highly protected against all the external potential threats, which could harm the database. Also, the user needs to enter a password to access the data stored in the Cloud. Hence, your data will never be lost into unauthorized hands.

3. Secured Authentication Modes

It’s worth to mention that business enterprises from all over the world are migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, because of its advanced features and reliable security. The SharePoint platform encapsulates many advanced security features, which are helpful for the MetaCaseDesk users, such as Secured Authentication Modes as follows:

•  Managed Accounts
•  Effective Permissions
•  Secured Store Service
•  Secured Migration
•  Secured file browsing
•  Control Access Permission level

4. Multiple Roles, Contacts and User management

The system can have multiple customers with different domain names and every customer can have contacts who can be further assigned with different roles and permission.

5. Groups, Roles and Permissions

MetaCaseDesk provides different roles and permissions as per the client requirements. Thus, you can create support users and specify permission like read only, read write admin. For end users, it provides customer role with read/write and admin permission. You can also create group of support users.

6. Admin Tab

Admin Tab has been provided in this system. It confers various powers to the Administrator of the MetaCaseDesk. Various options present on the “Admin Tab”, will be visible only to the admin. Using this tab, the admin can add new users, delete them, change their accessing rights, view them and do more.

The Admin enjoys various powers, including granting permission to access the dashboard of this system. Following which, only authenticated users can access this system. Users need to enter a password every time they want to reach the dashboard.

To know more on the security features provided with MetaCaseDesk, please click here.

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