How does MetaCaseDesk Assist Businesses in Resolving Internal Issues?

By | April 25, 2016

Broadly, there are two types of issues which businesses face regularly, and these are internal and customer issues. Internal issues are faced by the employees while performing their job, and these are resolved by the internal support team. Customer issues, on the other hand, are faced by the customers; these are related to the products or services which they buy from businesses. These issues are resolved by the customer support team. By using MetaCaseDesk – a SharePoint-based ticketing tool, IT helpdesk, and case management system, businesses can easily manage and resolve their internal as well as customer issues on a daily basis. However, our focus in this article is to see how MetaCaseDesk helps businesses to resolve the internal issues.

MetaCaseDesk allows their employee to raise tickets (containing their issues) manually via email, and customer portal. Whatever updates are done by support team on tickets, it automatically sends details to the employees on regular intervals, until tickets get closed. It offers many other exciting features, which help businesses to resolve their internal issues. Let’s see the details.

• It offers customer portal which helps employees to reopen and track the ticket. The customer portal offers an interactive dashboard, which helps employees to view their ticket details.
• Further, it offers support portal to businesses’ internal support team, for managing and resolving employee’s ticket comprehensively. This portal helps them to assign the ticket to the desired support user, and also helps in setting ticket’s priority.
• The support portal provides an “email and log status’ section and an interactive dashboard, which help support team to track the complete details on any ticket, and to analyze their employees’ ticket. The dashboard shows information analytically as well as graphically.
• The support portal also allows support team to create a particular support group, and then assign tickets to them for resolving.
• MetaCaseDesk offers multiple roles for accessing the customer portal as well as support portal, such as customer user, customer admin, and support user admin. These roles help businesses to manage tickets in a more organized way.

One of the top priorities of businesses for their growth and development is resolving their internal issues regularly. MetaCaseDesk offers many quality features, which help businesses to manage and resolve these issues quickly and easily.
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