How an IT Helpdesk Knowledgebase can manage recurring issues?

By | March 21, 2017

MetaCaseDesk is a SharePoint based Helpdesk system, designed and developed by MetaOption LLC, to help the enterprises in handling numerous issues on a day-to-day basis. Usually an automated system like MetaCaseDesk eliminates the routine tasks of handling the issues which was hitherto been done manually. This is particularly useful, when the similar issues are supposed to be resolved by the support users repeatedly. As the customer satisfaction is always a priority goal before the organization and cannot be undermined, these issues must be handled promptly. But at the same time, these repeated issues keep the team busy, as a result, they are not able to work on other high priority issues.

For these kind of business requirements, an IT Helpdesk software needs to provide a separate section, which collects the solutions of the repeated issues to the end users (or customers). Thus, they themselves can search for the appropriate solutions of their issues in that section, without even generating the tickets. Here comes the significance of MetaCaseDesk. Being a SharePoint ticketing tool, IT helpdesk, and case management system offers, it provides Knowledgebase feature. The Knowledgebase lets the support users to build a reservoir of knowledge resource, which encapsulates the recurring issues and their most effective and feasible step-wise solutions.

Now, let’s discuss more about the Knowledgebase. How does it work?

• As the very purpose of Knowledgebase is to disseminate the most relevant knowledge to the end users. Undoubtedly, it requires a user friendly search window. Hence, MetaCaseDesk provides a search field, which contains multiple filters. These filters help them users to narrow down their search to get the best solution.

•  Knowledgebase provides the users a much organized information about the issues, by categorizing them into separate categories like- hardware, software, stationary items, canteen, etc. This way, it allows the end users to view topics according to different categories, and helps them to narrow down their search.

•   Support users, can save their valuable time from resolving and providing feedback to all the end users for the same issue. This is done by creating a topic, mentioning the issue with solution, and notifying about it to them. These topics mentioned can be edited or modified at any point of time by the support users, if solutions mentioned for certain topics become outdated.

•   Last, but not the least, Knowledgebase offers “Hot Topics” section on the left side of its interface, in which the most searched topics by end users in the recent times are listed.

Over the years, MetaCaseDesk, with the Knowledgebase feature, has helped numerous enterprises in eliminating the number of tickets containing recurring issues, and thereby reducing support team’s work load. This is of more significance, if your business size is large, and you are required to deal with thousands of customer issues, mostly of repeated nature. Setting up an automated system viz. an IT helpdesk saves a great amount of money which was otherwise being spent on recruiting, training and retaining the assembly of support users.

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