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By | October 18, 2016

In 2005, America West took over US Airways, and slashed its customer service budget, outsourcing many of those functions. This resulted in neglecting and mishandling numerous customer complaints and thus angering them to the point that they rejected to do any business with the airline, eventually leading to its bankruptcy.

Business and customers always go together. If you own a business, you have to serve customers like if you have customers then only you can go on with your business. The growth of any business is directly proportional to the quality of their customer services. These customers may be internal customers or external customers. Internal customers are usually employees, shareholders, or stakeholders and the external customer is someone who uses products of your company. While external customers provide revenue for your business, internal customers also play a vital role in the operation as well as growth of your business.

With a handful of customers in the beginning every business seems to do well, but as the business grows, their performance begins to degrade. As your business grows, so do your customers and so does a need for aid from a support help desk software.

If you are still not using helpdesk,

•  Customers support requests will go unnoticed.
•  Customer data will go untracked, making it difficult to provide customized and efficient
support thus losing  your  customer.
•  Tracking bugs will get difficult.

MetaCaseDesk is ticketing tool and case management solution for all your customers using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 and helps you to have control over your system data as it is handled internally. It helps you satisfy your employees and your customers as well, by handling the internal issues or customer inquiries related to your products and services in real-time. The dashboard provided is highly informative and customizable for business analytics.

MetaCaseDesk also provides support and customer webportal that helps you manage your customers and also lets your customer to easily create tickets, track their status and later follow them when needed.

Many companies allow their customers to create support requests via web forms only, and the customers are forced to fill in required fields with some of their personal information. This helps support agent with providing support efficiently but isn’t always preferred by the customers.

MetaCaseDesk allows you to create a ticket via email from any domain i.e. Outlook, Gmail, yahoo and so on.

With MetaCaseDesk you can support your customers consistently and proficiently, binding them with your company, and also lend a hand in growth of your business.

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