Changing dimensions of an IT Helpdesk for modern day Businesses

By | December 26, 2016

Human society and especially corporate world has already travelled far in using the Information technology for boosting the efficiency of its business operations. But, at the same time, they are witnessing a new kind of challenges in surviving and excelling. This is because the recent developments, such as cloud computing, social cohesiveness at global yet virtual level, and many others. There has been see-wave changes in which technologies are being developed and used by the individuals and organizations. The nature of relationships between individuals (whether employees or customers) and enterprises are being redefined. The interactions between them has been changed remarkably both in terms of quantity and quality. This has, in turn, demands for an IT Help Desk software incorporating the changing needs of the day.

Let’s discuss with more details what has made modern day businesses to expect differently from IT Help Desk. Here, we have enumerated a few key reasons as follows:

Cloud Computing: Recent advances in cloud computing technology have rendered unprecedented changed in the IT practices. By eliminating the needs to install on-premises hardware and software has not only inspired many start-ups, but also its inherent capability to scalability has allowed them to expand their businesses across the globe.

Productivity: Improvement in productivity of individuals has been the key driver to introduction of information technology in the organizations. Undoubtedly, it has achieved its goal to a great extent. But, at the same time, they have been witnessing a new kind of challenges. Excessive dependence on IT has also increased the complexity of the issues that users face in their day-to-day operations. This hampers their productivity as well. So, their needs an IT helpdesk solution which should be smart enough to keep itself acknowledged with the recurring issues, and minimize the repeated deadlocks. A sound knowledgebase can be the best strategy to handle this.

Data Security: As the dependence on IT has been growing exponentially, the security of enterprise business data is of utmost importance. As the organizations have to interact with customers and vendors across the globe, the threats to the precious data increases accordingly. This demands for an IT helpdesk which provides all the necessary measures to overcome any security issue.

Mobility: Mobility is one the greatest buzz-words of the day. The vision to access your Office from anywhere and anytime has become the reality. This facilitated the offices to be functioning round-the-clock and round-the-year. Mobile devices are rapidly improving both at hardware and software levels. Capability to faster and multiple processing coupled with cloud computing technology has reduced our dependence on heavier gadgets standalone desktops. A modern day IT Helpdesk must be able to be accessed in real time by mobile devices.

Social Media: In their personal lives, employees and customers have been deeply entrenched in the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Quota, LinkedIn etc. Evidently, employees use these platforms to seek assistance or share their experiences their IT-related issues. Management thinkers have discovered that making informal social organizations has been an inherent tendency of human beings. It cannot ignored, instead, it should be promoted within the formal organization. The help desk should keep a close eye on these forums for relevant discussions, to develop a knowledgebase which could be used to educate and aware their own users about the possible issues that may face. Integration with social media is, undoubtedly, a significant and desirable feature that these IT helpdesk must offer.

As IT helpdesk is a focal point of organization’s communication regarding operational issues, it should be smart, alert, agile, secured, and mobile. MetaCaseDesk- a SharePoint based ticketing solution has been designed in such a manner. To know more about it, please click here.

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