An IT Helpdesk Accessible by Businesses Running on SharePoint and non-SharePoint Servers

By | June 17, 2016

If businesses have to select a ticketing solution for managing internal and customer issues, then they need to select it by looking at its overall functionalities. It should provide enough user-friendly functionalities to the end users (customers), and at the same time, it should offer quality-driven functionalities to the support team to make their work easier. Some of these functionalities are ticket tracking, informative and interactive dashboard, highly customizable, customer SLA (service level agreement) breached notification, etc.

MetaCaseDesk is one of those ticketing solutions, which fulfill such requirements of businesses. Moreover, it is available with on-premise deployment option and accessible on MetaOption cloud for businesses running on SharePoint and non-SharePoint environment respectively. Let us see the details.

Businesses using Microsoft SharePoint server 2010 and 2013, can select the on-premise deployment option of MetaCaseDesk, without needing to fulfill any major software or hardware requirement. The entire deployment process is done by the support team of MetaCaseDesk. A few other advantages are as follows:

•  It is accessible by businesses using their existing set of login credentials. Business using Office 365 can    also use their Office 365 login credentials as well.
•  No additional setup of infrastructure is required.
•  Data migration is possible, it means businesses can use the existing database without making any     major change.

Further, Businesses not running on SharePoint environment can select MetaCaseDesk on MetaOption cloud. Here are a few of its advantages:

•  It is accessible by businesses without installing Microsoft SharePoint server on their premises.
•  It doesn’t require any maintenance work.
•  It is highly secured because it is based on Microsoft SharePoint Server, which is one of the most    secured platforms in the world.

Businesses chose either on-premise deployment option or MetaOption cloud. In both cases, they would get training along with user manual with every license. And, they will also get technical support from experts to solve critical issues whenever needed.

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