A SharePoint Based Helpdesk and Ticketing Tool with Informative and Interactive Dashboard

By | May 16, 2016

MetaCaseDesk – a SharePoint-based ticketing tool, IT helpdesk, and case management system, makes it easy for businesses to handle internal and customer issues, by offering interactive dashboard to end user (or customer) and support team for analyzing the tickets.

There is no dearth of solutions for managing business issues. But a business has to choose the one which fulfill their requirements in a best possible way. Choosing a software is not the best option, as it requires several maintenance works, such as installation/uninstallation, manual updating and upgrading, tackling viruses’ issues, etc. Therefore, online solution has become almost a necessity for businesses to handle the internal and external issues.

MetaCaseDesk is an online solution, which runs on Microsoft SharePoint server 2010 and 2013. It offers many significant features which manage business issues effortlessly, such as customer portal for end users, support portal for support team, interactive dashboard, cross AD (active directory) authentication for using existing login credentials, advanced backup and recovery, etc.

In this article, we will focus on its interactive dashboard feature.

What interactive dashboard offers to end users?

 •  It allows end users to track and view tickets. They can see which support user(s) are working on their   tickets, and how much work they have done on them.
•  It also allows end users to check the tickets which have been resolved in a specific period of time. It    can   help them to provide valuable feedback on the support team performances.
•  They can see status of the high priority tickets, which are needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

What interactive dashboard offers to support team?

 •  The support team can analyze its own work, e.g., they can see a particular support user’s    performance,   such as, number of tickets they have resolved in a month, and time taken to resolve a  particular ticket,   etc.
•  Support team can also check the SLA (service level agreement) breached tickets, and then they take necessary action against the support user, who were working on them.
•  It offers many customization tools, which help support team to customize various features as per the    business requirements.

Interactive dashboard shows statistical information about the tickets in graphical and analytical forms. This helps the end user and support team to analyze the tickets, and further, to make it easy for business to handle internal and external issues.

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