A Quality IT Helpdesk Which Offers More As Compare to Others

By | July 5, 2016

Now keyboard has replaced pen and pencil, printer has replaced books and notebooks, and computer has replaced desk filled with office products. This means that the time of paperless office has already come, as almost all the businesses have started to completely depend on digital devices for their work, like laptop, tablet, desktop PC and many other electronic gadgets.

This has increased not only the importance of digital devices, but also the need of IT department in businesses to fix issues related to these devices. When the number or complexity of these issues increases, then these issues are needed to be managed necessarily, timely and properly. For this particular reason, solutions like IT Helpdesk are usually developed. But, unfortunately, in many cases, IT helpdesk is not enough for businesses, because there are many other issues which businesses have to deal with, such as issues related to HR management, marketing and sales departments, and sometimes even cafeteria. For this reason, ticketing tools are developed.

There are many quality ticketing tools available in the market, one of them is MetaCaseDesk, which contains many good and unique (yet effective) functionalities to make it potentially one of the best. But, here, an important fact is that MetaCaseDesk functionalities aren’t just limited as an IT Helpdesk and ticketing tool, but also as a case management system which runs seamlessly on Microsoft SharePoint server 2010 and 2013. It is available with on-premise deployment option as well as on MetaOption cloud. It offers cross AD (active directory) authentication which allows businesses to use their existing set of login credentials for accessing it. This functionality is especially beneficial for businesses using Office 365. Here are a few other qualities of MetaCaseDesk.

Some of the qualities of MetaCaseDesk which makes it more than an IT helpdesk

•  MetaCaseDesk offers three different ways for end users (as well as customers) to raise tickets. These are manually via email and customer portal, and asking support team to do it via support portal.
•  It offers two functionalities for managing recurring tickets, these are Knowledgebase and Recurring Ticket. Knowledgebase is handy for the end users and support team, and Recurring Ticket is handy for the support team.
•  It can manage multiple business units and a business unit having multiple subunits as   well. It auto-assigns tickets to a support team or support user of a business unit on the basis of keywords, customers and senders’ email addresses.
•  MetaCaseDesk provides ‘Email and Status Log’, and interactive and informative dashboard functionalities, which help the support team in tracking tickets, and analyzing the entire end users ticket.
•  It offers multiple user roles to manage tickets in a more organized manner. These roles are end user, end user admin, support user (read-only), support user (read/write), and support user admin.
•  Its customer portal offers ticket tracking bar, which makes ticket tracking a lot easier.
•  It is a highly customizable solution. It means any customization in it from the developer side is easily obtainable.

All these functionalities make MetaCaseDesk capable of playing bigger role, and not just that of an ordinary IT Helpdesk.

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