8 bases to escalate your organizational productivity using SharePoint based IT Helpdesk

By | January 10, 2017

Any business organization is made for humans i.e. Customers, and made up of humans i.e. Employees. However, to sustain in the modern day business world, the business processes are being modernized by IT tools and techniques. This brings numerous benefits for the organizations, such as, scalability, universal accessibility and mobility among others. However, at the same time, they often face unforeseen challenges in smooth functioning of entire business process. They come in the terms of issues that customers and employees face on day-to-day basis. If not addressed promptly, they can hamper the organizational productivity adversely.  And, here comes the role of an IT Helpdesk.

Furthermore, a SharePoint based IT Helpdesk enhances the prospects even more, as it incorporate the bests of SharePoint- one of the most secure collaborative environments in the world. MetaOption LLC has developed such a helpdesk for the benefits of Businesses running SharePoint- and named MetaCaseDesk.

MetaCaseDesk is a ticketing tool which supports SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 versions of SharePoint Online. Business Enterprises utilizes this case management tool for resolving the users’ issues efficiently. It offers three modes of ticket intakes, viz., emails, customer user portal and support user portal. Further, by harnessing the security features provided by Microsoft SharePoint technologies, MetaCaseDesk, is one of the best and secure IT helpdesk.

Here is the glimpse of a few key bases for your enterprise provided in this ticketing solution:

1.  Automated complaint management system-
MetaCaseDesk provides tools for managing the requests and compliant resolution.

2.  Smooth information flow-
It accelerates case resolution activities, and improve communication between the users. Which, in turn, builds a foundation to an integrated information management architecture- a centralized information system.

3.  Quick and effective Decision Making-
It provides with features like Dashboard customization (with graphs, charts and reports), which presents important data in a visually effective and summarized way. This aids users in making quick and effective decisions.

4.  Improved collaborative wok culture-
It sets up collaborative work culture in a secure environment. Content can be shared within the enterprise or even with others depending on access privileges.

5.  Enhanced Security-
Built on SharePoint, one of the most secured platforms, MetaCaseDesk is highly protected against all the potential external threats. Therefore, all the data and ticket information, along with E-mails, Passwords etc. are secured on this system.

6.  Multiple user support-
The system can have multiple customers with different domain names and every customer can have contacts who can be further assigned with different roles and permission.

7.  Generic solution across the industry domains-
MetaCaseDesk is being used today in many other areas and organizations, as diverse as- Banking, Insurance, Government Organizations, Automobile Sector, Software Industries, Audit & Accounts, legal firms, among others.

8.  Universal Data accessibility-
MetaCaseDesk uses secured Cloud storage for storing the ticketing database. So, you have to pay- no SharePoint licensing costs, no new infrastructure requirements i.e. servers, Low cost for services. In one of our MetaCaseDesk packages, we offer unlimited Cloud Storage allowing the user to store the entire important and confidential database safely.

Thus, as depicted in above mentioned points, by providing a secure, prompt and reliable helpdesk application to the users in the modern day organizations, MetaCaseDesk has been contributing in eliminating operational hassles and in escalating their productivity to the great heights.

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