3 different ways to create and manage Helpdesk tickets in MetaCaseDesk – IT helpdesk software

By | January 4, 2017

Today, every enterprise is going away from their manual business management practices, and adopting automated software. That is, importance of information technology as a reliable assistance cannot be undermined. Numerous solutions have been developed to support many aspects of your business enterprise. Example of one such solution is IT Helpdesk, which usually acts as an interface between IT department and other users (whether internal employees or external customers) of the organization in the matter of complaint handlings. Undoubtedly, for the smooth operational practices in an organization, a Helpdesk has a crucial role to play. Keeping this fact in the mind, MetaOption LLC has developed MetaCaseDesk, as a SharePoint based IT helpdesk software, ticketing solution and a case management system.

To facilitate further, MetaCaseDesk has been especially designed to create and manage the tickets with three commonly used options by the users. These are as follows:

•  Email

•  Support Web Portal

•  Customer web Portal

1.  E-Mails

MetaCaseDesk is designed to intake new tickets directly through emails sent from any domain by your customers. That is, they can create tickets from Outlook, Gmail, yahoo, etc. moreover, they can also do follow up via email. For this, they just need to send a new mail with mentioning the complaint or service request as the subject. As soon as the system receives this mail, it will generate a new ticket automatically. This way, it offers your customers, a channel for recording complaints. Moreover, as the system doesn’t require to manually generate a new ticket for the complaint received via emails, it saves the service desk operator’s useful time. They have more time to focus on resolving the complaints.

Furthermore, the support user can also update information to the ticket, add remarks or comments, track ticket status and do more directly through a mail only. And, here, a notification mail is sent for every action taken in completing the ticket.

2.  Support web portal

As a SharePoint based ticketing solution, MetaCaseDesk has provides a support web portal, using which the support users can manage cases/tickets. Here, they can assign ticket to another support user or to a group of support users. They can also create and manage customers, contacts, signatures, generate reports, view statistics, advanced search capability, etc.

3.  Customer web portal

In order to promote customers’ convenience, MetaCaseDesk, a case management software, provides a secure and easy-to use customer web portal, where they can create ticket, track status, re-open ticket and follow-up for the previously created tickets.

Web Support Portal is used by support users (organization’s staff members), Web Customer Portal is used by customers (or end users), and Email is used by both.

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