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How an IT Helpdesk Knowledgebase can manage recurring issues?

MetaCaseDesk is a SharePoint based Helpdesk system, designed and developed by MetaOption LLC, to help the enterprises in handling numerous issues on a day-to-day basis. Usually an automated system like MetaCaseDesk eliminates the routine tasks of handling the issues which was hitherto been done manually. This is particularly useful, when the similar issues are supposed to be resolved by the support users repeatedly. As the customer satisfaction is always a priority goal before the organization and cannot be undermined, these issues must be handled promptly. But at the same time, these repeated issues keep the team busy, as a result, they are not able to work on other high priority issues.

For these kind of business requirements, an IT Helpdesk software needs to provide a separate section, which collects the solutions of the repeated issues to the end users (or customers). Thus, they themselves can search for the appropriate solutions of their issues in that section, without even generating the tickets. Here comes the significance of MetaCaseDesk. Being a SharePoint ticketing tool, IT helpdesk, and case management system offers, it provides Knowledgebase feature. The Knowledgebase lets the support users to build a reservoir of knowledge resource, which encapsulates the recurring issues and their most effective and feasible step-wise solutions.

Now, let’s discuss more about the Knowledgebase. How does it work?

• As the very purpose of Knowledgebase is to disseminate the most relevant knowledge to the end users. Undoubtedly, it requires a user friendly search window. Hence, MetaCaseDesk provides a search field, which contains multiple filters. These filters help them users to narrow down their search to get the best solution.

•  Knowledgebase provides the users a much organized information about the issues, by categorizing them into separate categories like- hardware, software, stationary items, canteen, etc. This way, it allows the end users to view topics according to different categories, and helps them to narrow down their search.

•   Support users, can save their valuable time from resolving and providing feedback to all the end users for the same issue. This is done by creating a topic, mentioning the issue with solution, and notifying about it to them. These topics mentioned can be edited or modified at any point of time by the support users, if solutions mentioned for certain topics become outdated.

•   Last, but not the least, Knowledgebase offers “Hot Topics” section on the left side of its interface, in which the most searched topics by end users in the recent times are listed.

Over the years, MetaCaseDesk, with the Knowledgebase feature, has helped numerous enterprises in eliminating the number of tickets containing recurring issues, and thereby reducing support team’s work load. This is of more significance, if your business size is large, and you are required to deal with thousands of customer issues, mostly of repeated nature. Setting up an automated system viz. an IT helpdesk saves a great amount of money which was otherwise being spent on recruiting, training and retaining the assembly of support users.

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Why do you need an IT Helpdesk or Ticketing system for your Business Enterprise?

What is called as a ticketing system?

A ticketing system is a software solution that is designed to automate the process of handling customer or end user queries regarding information and support related to your enterprise’s products and services.

Business Requirement?

There is a practical constraint faced by business organizations while handling customers.

Let’s ask you:

How many emails or phone calls a support user in you organization receive every day from customers or end users?

And, you know-

Even if they are very efficient, each mail will take not less than 5 min to read and write the return mail manually. So, on an average 10 queries an hour, and at max. 80 per day.

This is just a mailing process. The time spent on finding the right solution and deliver it appropriately is the actual task that they are required to perform.

Further, other modes via which customer issues come into the system are- voice phone calls or complaints posted on company’s portal.

So, it’s evident that you need a software system that can handle thousands of user issues automatically. And, that’s called as- Ticketing management system, Helpdesk or Case management system.

What this Ticketing System can do for your organization?

  • It generates tickets for the issues handling. These tickets are the brief descriptions of key points related to an issues, such as:
    •  Nature of the issue- whether hardware or software
    •  Origin of end users
    •  Business unit that the issue belongs
    •  Support user who will handle it
    •  Date and time when ticket was created by end user
    •  Data and time whenever ticket was modified by support user
    •  Date and time when ticket was finally closed.
    •  Others if any

•  It provides for the meaningful categorization of tickets according to the business unit that might handle these.    Such units may be Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Supply Chain etc.

•  A ticketing system is a kind of an email management tool as it takes emails from inbox and organized them according to the support users for better performance of the system.

•  It ensures that all end-user or event tickets are addressedwithout delay.

•  It helps identifying the repeatedly occurring issues. This way it indicates the lacunae in the system that is actually     causing these issues. This way, it implements the Quality Assurance, and make the organization growth oriented.

•  A helpdesk helps the organizations in managing the tasks to be handled by hundreds users. Thus, by eliminating the manual and redundant steps, it multiplies the efficiency of the system in a great way.

•  It ensures the accountability on the part of support users, as it generates the tickets specifying the date and time of creating, modifying, and closing.

• While immediately responding to any customer query, and communicating to the concerned support user, it enables your organization with capability to provide a round-the-clock support.

•  As it’s a repository of numerous customer issues with finer details, it builds a knowledgebase that could be referred in handling the issues coming in future. This way, it acts as a centralized information system.

This is just a glimpse of what a ticketing solution can do for your organization. To know more, please click here.

4 great reasons for using IT Helpdesk software in your Business Enterprise

Modern day business have been radically transformed as compared to a few years back. Area of their functions are no longer confined to regional or national territories. Working in a multinational market is a common practice these days. Here the key question is- what made this? The only answer is technology or more precisely information technology. By way of automating the business processes within the organization and the user interactions with outside vendors and customers, IT setup works as the backbone to the organizations. However, the users cannot reliably bank upon IT infrastructure unless they get their issues resolved- the issues, they witness while using them. And, here comes the role of IT helpdesk.

Here, we will look into what and how IT Helpdesk can actually bring great benefits to your enterprise:

1. It begets more efficient work culture:

Undoubtedly, the state-of-the-art information technology helps your business reduce the manual and error prone working style. However, users who work on them are not technocrats in general. This is how, they often come across issues on a day-to-day basis. IT Helpdesk, which automatically manages these issues with the help of support users, reduces the frictions immensely. It, not only, helps the users in resolving the issues, but also, educates them how to face recurring issues. This, in turn, makes the users more efficient- as they can perform their tasks speedily and with less errors.

2. It helps you focusing important tasks first:

IT helpdesk or a ticketing management solution, creates tickets while setting their priority to them on the basis of severity and urgency. This helps the system cataloging the tickets into different priority categories. Here, it’s not the first come first serve basis, instead, the most important first serve basis, is the actual rule of thumb. Thus, it saves your precious business time from getting wasted on superficial tasks.

3. It points out the possible areas of system failure:

As an IT Helpdesk’s key role is to manage issues faced by the organizational users, it, automatically, works as whistle blower. It alarms you by locating the areas of recurrent issues within your organization. No matter, these issues could be either hardware damage or software dysfunction, they may actually end up at some serious system failure. Thus, an IT Helpdesk or a case management system can help prevent unanticipated situations, which could cost you harder.

4. It helps you win customer loyalty:

The moment you get a customer trying your products or subscribing your services, your responsibility towards them becomes greater. You can win their loyalty only when you keep up the promises of proving wonderful products or quality driven services. Here, despite of numerous efforts on your part, customer issues are inevitable to occur. And, in this case, what is required to do is the prompt handling of these issues. An IT helpdesk solution helps you in speedier compliant handling while distributing the resolution tasks to the respective support users. Thus, with this mechanism, your customers experience your agile support system. Consequently, they find your organization more reliable to remain associated for a longer duration. Yes! This builds the customer loyalty for you.

Microsoft SharePoint based ticketing solution, MetaCaseDesk is such a system, especially designed on the basis of above reasons. To unearth more reasons of using an IT Helpdesk, please click here.

8 bases to escalate your organizational productivity using SharePoint based IT Helpdesk

Any business organization is made for humans i.e. Customers, and made up of humans i.e. Employees. However, to sustain in the modern day business world, the business processes are being modernized by IT tools and techniques. This brings numerous benefits for the organizations, such as, scalability, universal accessibility and mobility among others. However, at the same time, they often face unforeseen challenges in smooth functioning of entire business process. They come in the terms of issues that customers and employees face on day-to-day basis. If not addressed promptly, they can hamper the organizational productivity adversely.  And, here comes the role of an IT Helpdesk.

Furthermore, a SharePoint based IT Helpdesk enhances the prospects even more, as it incorporate the bests of SharePoint- one of the most secure collaborative environments in the world. MetaOption LLC has developed such a helpdesk for the benefits of Businesses running SharePoint- and named MetaCaseDesk.

MetaCaseDesk is a ticketing tool which supports SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 versions of SharePoint Online. Business Enterprises utilizes this case management tool for resolving the users’ issues efficiently. It offers three modes of ticket intakes, viz., emails, customer user portal and support user portal. Further, by harnessing the security features provided by Microsoft SharePoint technologies, MetaCaseDesk, is one of the best and secure IT helpdesk.

Here is the glimpse of a few key bases for your enterprise provided in this ticketing solution:

1.  Automated complaint management system-
MetaCaseDesk provides tools for managing the requests and compliant resolution.

2.  Smooth information flow-
It accelerates case resolution activities, and improve communication between the users. Which, in turn, builds a foundation to an integrated information management architecture- a centralized information system.

3.  Quick and effective Decision Making-
It provides with features like Dashboard customization (with graphs, charts and reports), which presents important data in a visually effective and summarized way. This aids users in making quick and effective decisions.

4.  Improved collaborative wok culture-
It sets up collaborative work culture in a secure environment. Content can be shared within the enterprise or even with others depending on access privileges.

5.  Enhanced Security-
Built on SharePoint, one of the most secured platforms, MetaCaseDesk is highly protected against all the potential external threats. Therefore, all the data and ticket information, along with E-mails, Passwords etc. are secured on this system.

6.  Multiple user support-
The system can have multiple customers with different domain names and every customer can have contacts who can be further assigned with different roles and permission.

7.  Generic solution across the industry domains-
MetaCaseDesk is being used today in many other areas and organizations, as diverse as- Banking, Insurance, Government Organizations, Automobile Sector, Software Industries, Audit & Accounts, legal firms, among others.

8.  Universal Data accessibility-
MetaCaseDesk uses secured Cloud storage for storing the ticketing database. So, you have to pay- no SharePoint licensing costs, no new infrastructure requirements i.e. servers, Low cost for services. In one of our MetaCaseDesk packages, we offer unlimited Cloud Storage allowing the user to store the entire important and confidential database safely.

Thus, as depicted in above mentioned points, by providing a secure, prompt and reliable helpdesk application to the users in the modern day organizations, MetaCaseDesk has been contributing in eliminating operational hassles and in escalating their productivity to the great heights.

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3 different ways to create and manage Helpdesk tickets in MetaCaseDesk – IT helpdesk software

Today, every enterprise is going away from their manual business management practices, and adopting automated software. That is, importance of information technology as a reliable assistance cannot be undermined. Numerous solutions have been developed to support many aspects of your business enterprise. Example of one such solution is IT Helpdesk, which usually acts as an interface between IT department and other users (whether internal employees or external customers) of the organization in the matter of complaint handlings. Undoubtedly, for the smooth operational practices in an organization, a Helpdesk has a crucial role to play. Keeping this fact in the mind, MetaOption LLC has developed MetaCaseDesk, as a SharePoint based IT helpdesk software, ticketing solution and a case management system.

To facilitate further, MetaCaseDesk has been especially designed to create and manage the tickets with three commonly used options by the users. These are as follows:

•  Email

•  Support Web Portal

•  Customer web Portal

1.  E-Mails

MetaCaseDesk is designed to intake new tickets directly through emails sent from any domain by your customers. That is, they can create tickets from Outlook, Gmail, yahoo, etc. moreover, they can also do follow up via email. For this, they just need to send a new mail with mentioning the complaint or service request as the subject. As soon as the system receives this mail, it will generate a new ticket automatically. This way, it offers your customers, a channel for recording complaints. Moreover, as the system doesn’t require to manually generate a new ticket for the complaint received via emails, it saves the service desk operator’s useful time. They have more time to focus on resolving the complaints.

Furthermore, the support user can also update information to the ticket, add remarks or comments, track ticket status and do more directly through a mail only. And, here, a notification mail is sent for every action taken in completing the ticket.

2.  Support web portal

As a SharePoint based ticketing solution, MetaCaseDesk has provides a support web portal, using which the support users can manage cases/tickets. Here, they can assign ticket to another support user or to a group of support users. They can also create and manage customers, contacts, signatures, generate reports, view statistics, advanced search capability, etc.

3.  Customer web portal

In order to promote customers’ convenience, MetaCaseDesk, a case management software, provides a secure and easy-to use customer web portal, where they can create ticket, track status, re-open ticket and follow-up for the previously created tickets.

Web Support Portal is used by support users (organization’s staff members), Web Customer Portal is used by customers (or end users), and Email is used by both.

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How is MetaCaseDesk a secured ticketing tool?

A ticketing tool is an interface between the organization and the users for handling the issues. These users are either external customers or internal employees. In both the cases, the information exchanged between the two entities are crucial not only for the issues at the hand, but also for the organization in the long-run. Thus, such a system can be considered as a repository of vital information, and thus it helps in sustenance and growth of the enterprise in future. Therefore, an enterprises should choose a helpdesk software carefully.

MetaCaseDesk is a SharePoint based ticketing solution, helpdesk and a case management system. MetaOption LLC has designed MetaCaseDesk with key security features.

Here, let’s discuss how it meets the criteria of security as desired by present day organization:

1. A SharePoint based system

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most trusted collaborative technology platforms, presently available in the world. It has made provisions for advanced security protocols. MetaCaseDesk utilizes SharePoint capabilities for enabling to access the confidential data only to authorized users. Therefore, all the data and ticket information, along with E-mails, Passwords & more, entered on MetaCaseDesk are highly protected against all the potential external threats.

2. Secured Cloud support

MetaCaseDesk uses secured Cloud storage for storing the ticketing database. In one of our MetaCaseDesk packages, we offer unlimited Cloud Storage allowing the user to store the entire important and confidential database safely.

This Cloud Storage space is highly protected against all the external potential threats, which could harm the database. Also, the user needs to enter a password to access the data stored in the Cloud. Hence, your data will never be lost into unauthorized hands.

3. Secured Authentication Modes

It’s worth to mention that business enterprises from all over the world are migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, because of its advanced features and reliable security. The SharePoint platform encapsulates many advanced security features, which are helpful for the MetaCaseDesk users, such as Secured Authentication Modes as follows:

•  Managed Accounts
•  Effective Permissions
•  Secured Store Service
•  Secured Migration
•  Secured file browsing
•  Control Access Permission level

4. Multiple Roles, Contacts and User management

The system can have multiple customers with different domain names and every customer can have contacts who can be further assigned with different roles and permission.

5. Groups, Roles and Permissions

MetaCaseDesk provides different roles and permissions as per the client requirements. Thus, you can create support users and specify permission like read only, read write admin. For end users, it provides customer role with read/write and admin permission. You can also create group of support users.

6. Admin Tab

Admin Tab has been provided in this system. It confers various powers to the Administrator of the MetaCaseDesk. Various options present on the “Admin Tab”, will be visible only to the admin. Using this tab, the admin can add new users, delete them, change their accessing rights, view them and do more.

The Admin enjoys various powers, including granting permission to access the dashboard of this system. Following which, only authenticated users can access this system. Users need to enter a password every time they want to reach the dashboard.

To know more on the security features provided with MetaCaseDesk, please click here.

Is a ticket management system different from a Help Desk software?

What is the different between a ticket management system and a Helpdesk? This is a question, often invariably asked on various discussion forums. Following paragraphs narrate a little account on this.

Let’s start with the help desk. A Help Desk software is the system which provides an interface to the helpdesk resource support person and so helps him in handling the issues related to products or services offered by an organization. Such a system provides for organizing the information that the helpdesk already contains about the products and services, along with the details of interactions between support users and the end users. Here, the end users are usually either external customers or internal employees in an organization. The interactions can occur through various modes such as, electronic mails, instant chat messengers, websites, social-media or on phones, among others.

In the technology-driven corporate world of today, the significance of a software for helpdesk tasks can never be underscored. Gone are the days when you could manage the customer issues manually- whether using pen and paper, or at the best using spreadsheet software. This was not only time consuming, but also prone to errors. Now, considering the speed and scale of the incoming issues, it’s not easy to be handled manually. So an automated system is the need of the day. Here, at the same time, you can store huge business data at one place, and also can provide authorization to their access restricted only to key personnel. This way, vital information for your organization are completely secured. Furthermore, as we mentioned previously, helpdesk professionals regularly receive customer requests and enquiries from variety of modes like- email, phone calls, chat, phone message text, and even social media. Needless to say, this makes their tasks intricate. For this, usually, a modern help desk solution use the collaborative platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Now, what’s a ticket management software? It is essentially a cornerstone to the helpdesk management. It helps mediating between the helpdesk resource and the end users by means of the ticketing system. A ticket is usually defined as a report on specific issues raised by an end user, the current status, and any other essential data associated to it. Now, as a ticket contains the key information related to any customer issue, it can be used in organizing the information of entire enterprise in a proper manner. A good ticketing solution helps creating a knowledgebase from where the relevant information can be fetched, whenever needed by any support user to resolve any other issue. This way, it helps you create a Centralized Information System.

A ticket contains updated status- the date and time when it was raised, action taken on it, and when it was closed. Thus, it enables the helpdesk system in tracking and monitoring the data easily and quickly. At the same time, it turns out to be a great metric, which can be used to measure the performance of support users responsible for handling the issues. Further, it helps you in prioritizing the organizational workflow in an effective way. It keeps the log of various issues to be handled by support users in your organization, and they can be categorized depending on the type of the issue, user profile, availability of support users etc. If an issue requires multiple users from different departments, a suitable workflow can be designed to resolve that particular issue. And, if the similar issue comes again, the same can be used automatically by the system. This way, the system enhances the productivity of the entire organization in a great way.

In a nutshell, Help desk and ticketing management system are inseparable in a true sense. They usually work in a collaborative manner with the ultimate objective of achieving the highest level of satisfaction to the users- both external i.e. customers, and internal i.e. employees. MetaCaseDesk is a SharePoint based solution, which has been designed to achieve the same objective effortlessly.

To know more on how MetaCaseDesk has been helping organizations, please click here

Changing dimensions of an IT Helpdesk for modern day Businesses

Human society and especially corporate world has already travelled far in using the Information technology for boosting the efficiency of its business operations. But, at the same time, they are witnessing a new kind of challenges in surviving and excelling. This is because the recent developments, such as cloud computing, social cohesiveness at global yet virtual level, and many others. There has been see-wave changes in which technologies are being developed and used by the individuals and organizations. The nature of relationships between individuals (whether employees or customers) and enterprises are being redefined. The interactions between them has been changed remarkably both in terms of quantity and quality. This has, in turn, demands for an IT Help Desk software incorporating the changing needs of the day.

Let’s discuss with more details what has made modern day businesses to expect differently from IT Help Desk. Here, we have enumerated a few key reasons as follows:

Cloud Computing: Recent advances in cloud computing technology have rendered unprecedented changed in the IT practices. By eliminating the needs to install on-premises hardware and software has not only inspired many start-ups, but also its inherent capability to scalability has allowed them to expand their businesses across the globe.

Productivity: Improvement in productivity of individuals has been the key driver to introduction of information technology in the organizations. Undoubtedly, it has achieved its goal to a great extent. But, at the same time, they have been witnessing a new kind of challenges. Excessive dependence on IT has also increased the complexity of the issues that users face in their day-to-day operations. This hampers their productivity as well. So, their needs an IT helpdesk solution which should be smart enough to keep itself acknowledged with the recurring issues, and minimize the repeated deadlocks. A sound knowledgebase can be the best strategy to handle this.

Data Security: As the dependence on IT has been growing exponentially, the security of enterprise business data is of utmost importance. As the organizations have to interact with customers and vendors across the globe, the threats to the precious data increases accordingly. This demands for an IT helpdesk which provides all the necessary measures to overcome any security issue.

Mobility: Mobility is one the greatest buzz-words of the day. The vision to access your Office from anywhere and anytime has become the reality. This facilitated the offices to be functioning round-the-clock and round-the-year. Mobile devices are rapidly improving both at hardware and software levels. Capability to faster and multiple processing coupled with cloud computing technology has reduced our dependence on heavier gadgets standalone desktops. A modern day IT Helpdesk must be able to be accessed in real time by mobile devices.

Social Media: In their personal lives, employees and customers have been deeply entrenched in the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Quota, LinkedIn etc. Evidently, employees use these platforms to seek assistance or share their experiences their IT-related issues. Management thinkers have discovered that making informal social organizations has been an inherent tendency of human beings. It cannot ignored, instead, it should be promoted within the formal organization. The help desk should keep a close eye on these forums for relevant discussions, to develop a knowledgebase which could be used to educate and aware their own users about the possible issues that may face. Integration with social media is, undoubtedly, a significant and desirable feature that these IT helpdesk must offer.

As IT helpdesk is a focal point of organization’s communication regarding operational issues, it should be smart, alert, agile, secured, and mobile. MetaCaseDesk- a SharePoint based ticketing solution has been designed in such a manner. To know more about it, please click here.

Why do we need a ticketing system? And what MetaCaseDesk offers?

The contemporary world is witnessing a great degree of transition. With the rapid pace in the technological progress contributing to the IT revolution, physical distances are diminishing very fast. The phenomenon of globalization is taking place with an unprecedented way. Knowledge and ideas are being exchanged across the borders effortlessly. In a truly international arena, the communication is entirely dependent on the state-of-the-art digital technologies as they overcome physical barriers. Thus, increasing dependence on digital technology has inspired the enterprises to adopt it for automating most of their business activities. To name a few, these are managing financials, logistics, customer relations or even compliant handling among others.

Here, in the era of enhanced customer awareness, the effective complaint handling has become a critical part of a professional modern day business practices. A well satisfied customer base is the greatest asset for any business organization. The happy customers spontaneously become spokespersons of an organization. By way of word-of-mouth, they contribute you in a far better manner than what a huge advertising campaign can do for the same.

But, handling the complaints and requests from numerous customers is indeed a great challenge before the businesses. Moreover, when your business keeps on growing in expanse and volume, there ought to be an increased customer base, as well as the increased complexity of the nature of the complaints. This requires for every business enterprise to have an efficient customer support management system installed in their workplace, which may help them to efficiently solve all the issues and service requests, raised by their customers.

At MetaOption, we observed such challenges faced by business enterprises, which led us to work on a specific software solution befitting such needs of the enterprises handling a number of customers on day-to-day basis. For that matter, our in-house expert SharePoint developers and technical engineers have developed one of the most advanced Microsoft SharePoint based ticketing solution, and named it as “MetaCaseDesk”.

Here, we are giving just a little highlight of the benefits that such an IT Helpdesk software can do:

  1. Speedier Complaint handling: By eliminating unwanted frictions and deadlocks due to manual assigning the customer handling, this solution leads to handling of thousands of customer complaints promptly.
  2. Centralized information system: An automatic ticketing system acts a common platform which manages the entire communication flow within the organization.
  3. In-built tracking and reporting metrics: When a ticket is raised by a customers, it runs in a life cycle until it is closed finally. Both end users and support users can track its status at any time. The duration between the time when ticket was created and the time when ticket was closed, acts as a metric for the performance measurement of the support users.
  4. Prioritizing workflow: The tasks of ticket resolution can be prioritized according to its importance. This way, it sets prioritizing organization’s workflow.
  5. Added transparency: As the complaints are handled automatically, and being resolved in a schematic manner, it’s easy for others to see how various tasks in the organization are being performed. Consequently, there is no scope of giving undue privilege to a specific customer. This, in turn, builds the reputation of the organization for ever in future.
  6. Improved collaboration: By ensuring the proper division of work among the support users in accordance to their special skills, the system creates a great collaborating work culture in the organization. Tis paves the way to an efficient and productive organization.

These are mere representative points, MetaCaseDesk as a help desk management system has much more to offer. To know more on this, please contact us.

Ever wondered how your customer service is ?

There are stores those consider their customer service as their strongest selling point and are known for their service rather than their products.

The salesperson over there walks your bags to you instead of handing it over sales counter.

The salesperson walks you themselves to the requested department instead of pointing or giving directions.

Everytime you contact customer support team you receive desired help and completely satisfied.

When provided these privileges you sure get delighted and repeatedly visit them. While visiting, have you wondered how much you lack in servicing your customers? If you want to accomplish similar results with your enterprise, then you need to introduce some practices in your business.

Understand your customer

You need to interact with customer groups and try to understand the reason they use your company’s product or services. Understanding your customers is an important factor in helping you to recognise the potential areas of your improvement. The better you understand your customers the better you get in delivering services to make your customers happy.

Know your customer’s needs

You can start with creating an effective process to communicate with your customers. The easiest way to find what customers are thinking is by asking them. You implement a system so that your customers can contact you effortlessly. You can use a helpdesk solution to allow your customers to communicate with your support team.

Offer customers a wow moment

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, you should always be prepared with the solutions to the recurring problems. Nothing “wows” your customers more than always receiving a positive response from your company.

If you equip your customer support team with the right system, you will soon be on the path to offer great customer service experience. The ticket and case management software, MetaCaseDesk is SharePoint based software that enables you to provide better support to your customers and lead your business to new heights.